• Medfield Historical Society Building

    Listen to Audio Information About the Medfield Historical Society Building

    Hello, and welcome to the Medfield Historical Society Building! Standing out from other historical sites in Medfield, this building is an excellent example of Georgian Revival-style architecture on a small scale. Georgian Revival-style generally features full-height round-arched windows and entry, keystones at the center of the brick arches, and the heavy, molded cornice. Originally a millinery shop that sold hats and headwear, the Medfield Cooperative Bank purchased the property in 1922, and removed the shop. They then constructed the current building. In 1968, the headquarters of the Historical Society moved here, and have remained here to this day. The Historical Society leases the property for $1 per year, and assumes building maintenance costs. The building and its collection of Medfield’s history are open to the public year-round, on the first and third Saturday of the month from 10 am to noon and by appointment. One fun fact is that the bank vault is still inside the building today, and it houses many of the Historical Society’s valuable and interesting artifacts!