• Lowell Mason House

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    Hello, thanks for stopping by the Lowell Mason House! Perhaps one of Medfield’s most famous people, Lowell Mason lived in this house, which scientific testing has indicated may have been built earlier than 1774, that’s over 240 years ago. Two beams in the attic of the house date to 1650, and 1651, and another dates to 1675, which could have been part of new construction following the devastation of Medfield during King Philip’s War in 1676. As for Lowell-Mason’s own history, he was born in 1792, and grew up in Medfield. He is well known for his hymns, including “Nearer my God to Thee,” which was played by the orchestra during the sinking of the Titanic. He was largely responsible for his role in introducing music into American public schools, and he is considered to be the first music educator in the United States. This house is an important part of our history here in Medfield, and Mason’s contribution to education and music will forever be remembered! Today, the Lowell Mason House is overseen by the Lowell Mason Foundation. Future plans for the house include renovating the interior, landscaping, and a parking lot feasibility study. The foundation also plans to build an entryway to the basement, with convenient access through exterior grounds renovation. They hope that the basement will serve as a music activity space, and that the first floor will serve as a museum with photographs of Mason, personal belongings, and even some of his original sheet music. The plan for the second floor is administrative office space. Ultimately, the Lowell Mason Foundation wants the public to enjoy and use the building for years to come!