• Kingsbury Grist Mill

    Listen to Audio Information About the Kingsbury Grist Mill

    Hi there, welcome to the Kingsbury Grist Mill! Constructed almost 300 years ago, the Kingsbury Grist Mill is a mechanical marvel of Medfield’s history, and I’m glad you could stop by today! A grist mill is a local mill where farmers would bring their grain and receive back ground meal or flour, minus a percentage cut called the “miller’s toll.” When in operation, the Mill had three distinct phases: the first was around 1718, with the operation of the early Clark Mill. The second stage of the Mill’s operation was around 1819 when the present structure was built, and the third stage came in 1889 with the transformation of the grain mill into a saw mill. Currently this site is maintained by the Grist Mill Committee, who hopes to bring the Mill back into operation someday. Approximately 15 years ago, restoration began on this site, with infrastructure improvements. These efforts slowed when the original committee, the Kingsbury Pond Committee, disbanded. Under the more recent Grist Mill Committee, the efforts have restarted, with hopes to make this Mill both functional, and a museum that all of us in Medfield will be able to enjoy.