• George Inness House

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    Hello! Welcome to the George Inness Art Studio! This was once the studio of renowned landscape painter George Inness, who was one of America’s foremost artists of his time. Mr. Inness lived in Medfield from around 1860 to 1864. Even though he lived just 4 years in Medfield over 150 years ago, his work is still important and loved today. Many of his works are featured in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Art Institute of Chicago, and many other leading museums. One fun fact is that the Medfield Historical Society possibly possesses a painting from Inness’ early days as an artist. While the authenticity of the piece cannot be validated with 100% certainty, it matches his style. They mysterious painting was gifted to the historical society by a previous owner of the studio. At that time, the studio was and currently is privately owned. The owner claims to have acquired the painting when they purchased the studio, and it does not appear to be a reprint or match any of Inness’ known works. Today, it is housed in the Historical Society’s vault at their headquarters.