• First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church

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    Hi there, and welcome to the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church! This is the third building on this site. The original was built in 1651, the second in 1706, and this third one in 1789 – all built to serve both as the town’s church and the town’s meetinghouse.  This was before the separation of church and state.  In the early 19th century, theological differences between Unitarian and Trinitarian factions caused a split. The Unitarians, generally freethinkers who believed in one god at most, remained in this building. The more Christian Trinitarians left to form what has become the UCC.   In 1839 this building was extensively remodeled – it was turned 90 degrees to the right, to face Main Street instead of North Street, and the Greek Revival

    Facade was added. Because of this church’s historic importance as a meetinghouse in Medfield, the historical society holds its five programs here each year.