• About Us

    Established in 1891, the Medfield Historical Society is one of the oldest historical societies in the Commonwealth. Our mission is to preserve, promote and share Medfield’s history. The Society serves as Medfield’s historical center, it gathers and preserves our stories, it collects, interprets and displays materials pertaining to the history of the town and its people and it strives to inspire community involvement in and appreciation of our rich heritage and culture.

    Our Work

    Medfield is a town over 360 years in the making with a rich heritage. Our work is to share the town’s remarkable heritage and build a sense of excitement for local history, providing a memorable experience and the joy of unexpected discoveries.

    We do this by providing a variety of public programs and events, exhibits and tours. We inspire and educate the public, promote community gatherings and share historical research resources with all.  Learn more about what we do>>

    Our Collection

    The Medfield Historical Society’s extensive collection includes objects, photographs, archival materials and a research library. It focuses on what makes Medfield unique, and on the roles that Medfield people have played in local, regional, national and global events.

    Our Historic Building, The Peak House

    Medfield is home to our country’s largest collection of First Period American homes, historic open spaces, a historic cemetery and historic churches. It has six sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Peak House, which the Society owns.

    The house is a rare example of Elizabethan architecture and construction, dating to the late 1600s, and is one of the oldest wooden structures in the United States.

    Our Board

    The affairs of the Society are managed and conducted by a board of eleven curators and two student curators. The Society is currently led by a president, secretary and treasurer.